Hello! I’m a freelance photographer currently living in Greensboro, NC who has been involved in photography for more than ten years. While I had been dabbling for quite a while before, the start of my formal photography was in a portrait studio in Charlotte, NC in 2007. My first expansion from traditional human portrait photography was to use the techniques and approaches learned in the portrait studio on my dogs. I continued experimenting with other, less traditional, pets including unusual types like reptiles and even arachnids.

My experience with pet photography stretched even further as I learned methods of adapting studio photography methods to photograph an unexpected family of subjects: aquarium fish. With feedback and guidance from Mo Devlin, I’ve been able to gain proficiency in this unique area of photography.

My current photography projects have me entering the fitness realm, supplying original photography for the website GXunited. I am also looking to push into more nature and landscape work in order to enjoy the immense beauty of Colorado’s front range.

When not shooting a camera, I work in marketing, with a primary focus in digital marketing. I am especially interested in content marketing and being able to integrate my creative side with my marketing work. In doing so, I have authored a full length ebook, magazine articles and columns, scripted video and animation scripts and more.

Photography Services

Portrait Photography

Available for on-location portrait shoots anywhere in the greater Denver area

Pet Photography

Photography of your favorite pets, regardless of what species it may be.

Fitness Photography

Whether in a gym or working out in nature, get your fitness pics.

Corporate Photography

Available for corporate and product photography sessions