The Things We Buy

We are surrounded by stuff. Some of it makes our lives a little bit better. Some of it presents a challenge to keep under control. A lot of it we have simply because we can’t get through our days without it.

As photographers, we might shoot all of this stuff for a few different reasons. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we’re getting paid by a company to make it look desirable to you. Sometimes we do it for the challenge of making the mundane interesting. Other times we photograph stuff to practice and experiment with new techniques in lighting, composition, or processing. And every now and then we do it because we genuinely love the product and enjoy getting to show it off.

This photos in this collection were taken for a variety of reasons. Some of them are parts of larger projects, while others are standalones.

But for all of the pictures, one of the underlying goals was to present them as beautifully as I could.