Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish are the backbone of the aquarium hobby. Coming from rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water on every continent but Antarctica, there’s an enormous variety of freshwater fish available to aquarium hobbyists.

The keeping of freshwater fish is often relatively straightforward. There are few “impossible” to keep fish anymore. There is also little environmental concerns from the sourcing of freshwater fish. More than 90% are now being raised in captivity, whether from commercial farms or private breeders. There are also organizations devoted to promoting and ensuring sustainability from wild collected fish.

Despite not being known for the brilliance of marine fish, there is an enormous range of freshwater species. Some of these, such as discus and African Cichlids, can even rival many marine species’ colors. Whether you’re wanting to keep a large tank or a small one, want nano fish or tank busters, or solitary individuals or schooling fish, you can find it for a freshwater aquarium.