Saltwater Fish

Broadly speaking, there are two halves to the aquarium trade: freshwater and saltwater. While there are devoted keepers of both, there is no denying that marine aquariums are less common than freshwater ones. This largely comes down to two factors: cost and difficulty.

Although some people argue that saltwater tanks are not any more complex or challenging than freshwater tanks, that’s not really the case. While it is true that many of the concepts and techniques are identical, marine fish are, as a whole, undoubtedly more sensitive and less adaptable than freshwater fish. And with their higher prices, there is a far greater cost should the aquarist fail.

Nevertheless, there have been many people who have had amazing success with saltwater tanks. Those willing to rise to the challenge are rewarded with some of the most beautiful animals to exist. From colorful reef fish to entirely unique species, there is no denying the draw of a saltwater aquarium.

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